Your kindness changed everything for Glenn

“I lost the business, I lost my house, I lost my car, everything. It was unbelievable.”

Your kindness changed everything for Glenn

Last year, Glenn’s visa travel business wore the full impact of COVID-19. “Christmas time was always slow. There was the bushfires, followed by floods. People weren’t traveling. Then as soon as COVID hit, bang, everything stopped straightaway. I had seven staff. We had to put everyone off and close the doors.”

Glenn’s friends loaned him money to do his house up and sell for maximum value. With what was left, he bought a small home in Wingham on the NSW North Coast to start over. But sadly, Glenn was once again plunged into turmoil in the disastrous NSW floods.

“I got up at 2am to look down the hill and the water was almost at my house. It just kept coming and coming. I was luckier than others, but I couldn’t believe disaster had struck again.”

Glenn says receiving his Crisis Hamper after the floods was ‘a little ray of sunshine’. “For me, being single and for the families on my street, it was like a breath of fresh air. Such a beautiful gift to receive in a time of need.”