From happy and healthy to alone and unable to feed her family

Katherine’s day always started early, driving from Sydney’s Southwest to Botany where she managed a car rental company.
While it wasn’t always easy maintaining a mix of work and family, life was good.

Sadly, through no fault of her own, things were about to change.
Katherine lost her job unexpectedly, two months later her long-term relationship fell apart.

Katherine has been diagnosed with a chronic condition which has meant she lives in constant pain and is on a long waiting list for a procedure she needs in order to be pain free and healthy again. That wait is even longer since she was forced to cancel her private health insurance in order to provide food for her children.


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“I’m waiting for surgery through the public health system and once I do have my operation, I won’t be able to drive for 8 weeks. I’m in a catch 22. I really need a job but if I’m honest about my circumstances I probably won’t get the job.” – Katherine

Katherine has every right to give up, but instead she’s studying part time to finish a diploma in community services.

She’s also volunteering at a local Foodbank Pantry in her area. It’s the same pantry she visits herself to make ends meet when she doesn’t have enough food to feed her family. I guess you could say it’s her way of giving back.

Katherine is a determined, hardworking single mother with a plan to help put her life together. But for now, she still needs a little help.

Will you be there for Katherine whilst she gets back on her feet?

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