Making a difference,
one bite at a time

Do you remember when you moved out of home? Were you living on 2-minute noodles?  

Well, our nom! Youth program is helping young adults learn more than how to boil water, it gives them the knowledge and skills to eat healthy on a budget and WOW in the kitchen! 

A recent collaboration between our Healthy Eating Hub, supported by Hawaiian, and Headspace Fremantle did just this – in a fun-filled, food-focused session for young people. 

Eleven eager cooks gathered for the session, from flatmates sharing kitchen duty to those preparing to move out of home. Everyone had a common goal: mastering healthy recipes and making new connections. 


The session started with a fun-filled masterclass on healthy eating. Forget boring lectures. This is interactive hands on activities about the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. Quiet focus quickly became bursts of excited conversation as everyone tackled their assigned recipes.

This wasn’t just about delicious food (even though it definitely was). It was about making healthy choices together with building friendships, and socialising with others. One participant even declared, “I’m going to try make my own burgers at home instead of Uber eats”. 

That’s our nom! programs in action: empowering you to cook delicious meals on a budget, and connect with your community. 

Cooking for a brighter future: why it matters for young people 

At Foodbank, we know that whipping up healthy meals is a game-changer for young people. It’s more than just delicious meals and snacks (although that’s definitely a perk), home cooking can save you money. Learning to cook equips you with a skill for life, a confidence boost knowing you’re in charge of your health and is a surprising stress-reliever too.

Here’s why cooking is a recipe for success: 

  • Empowering confidence: cooking your own food means you control what goes on your plate. When you feel confident about healthy choices, you have control over your wellbeing. 
  • Stress relief: Chopping veggies, stirring sauces, it can all be surprisingly calming. Cooking becomes a mini-escape from daily stress and social drama. Plus, who doesn’t love the satisfaction of creating something delicious? 
  • Fuel your wellbeing: Understanding how to whip up balanced meals sets you up for a lifetime of healthy habits.  


Together with Headspace Fremantle, we’re making a difference by creating spaces where learning is fun, healthy choices are an adventure, and young people can build connections with each other and their community. 

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