International Women's Day at Foodbank NSW & ACT

Meet the women fighting hunger with Foodbank


International Women's Day at Foodbank NSW & ACT

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is Inspire Inclusion. At Foodbank NSW & ACT, we are committed to women’s inclusion and creating a sense of belonging and empowerment for everyone. Together, we strive to shape a supportive and inclusive  world for women.

This International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting just some of the women fighting hunger with Foodbank.

Meet Samantha Prescott, Chief Operating Officer at Foodbank NSW & ACT.



Samantha has been working at Foodbank NSW & ACT for seven years and throughout that time, she has been a driving force for positive change in communities across the state and territory.

At Foodbank, we Inspire Inclusion by ensuring women feel valued and empowered. That means making sure that women not only have a seat at the table, but also that their voices are being heard.


Meaningful inclusion is the key to long-term growth.”

Meet Caroline, Secretary and Treasurer at Carevan Blacktown, Foodbank Community Partner.



Carevan Blacktown is a local charity providing food, homeware and clothing to community members in need. They host a weekly meal service, collecting fresh fruit, vegetables and pantry staples from our Foodbank warehouse to distribute to their community.

Caroline shared the challenges she sees women face in her community. They range from language and cultural barriers to transport challenges, as well as the stigma of asking for food support. 

Women are excellent communicators and networkers which serves our charity very well. We are run on the goodwill, dedication, and hard work of our volunteer team, which is in the majority, made up of women. 

Meet Rebecca White, Supply Chain Manager at Foodbank NSW & ACT.




Rebecca’s role includes overseeing operations and supply chain at Foodbank NSW & ACT, managing our 6,000 sqm warehouse, coordinating logistics and ensuring food safety.

Despite the disparities in pay and recognition for women in the supply chain industry and being told by numerous recruiters over her career that “female Supply Chain/Operations Managers are rare”, Rebecca has risen above such barriers.


I love that Foodbank NSW & ACT has an equal number of female to male workers on site.


Rebecca’s experience in manufacturing has made her an invaluable team member. Throughout all the challenges she has faced, Rebecca has persevered, breaking down stereotypes and paving the way for future generations of women in supply chain management.

Meet La E’e, HR Driver and Stephanie Lemaire, Forklift Driver at Foodbank NSW & ACT.



Stephanie has typically worked in male-dominated industries, often being the only female driver. But that has never stopped her!

Working at Foodbank NSW & ACT, Stephanie says she has never been treated differently or had any assumptions made based on her gender and ability to perform her role.


I wish more women would give it a go and break the stereotype!




La began her Foodbank NSW & ACT journey driving our smaller vans to transport food and groceries but today is now one of our key HR Drivers, driving our Mitsubishi 10 pallet Pantech.


Today there are women driving double trailers, which is amazing!”

Meet Lyn Doull and Christine Uluirewa, Foodbank NSW & ACT Volunteers.



Lyn has been a dedicated volunteer at Foodbank NSW & ACT for the last four years. What keeps her coming back is the welcoming atmosphere and the chance to make a difference beyond herself.Her days are busy, stocking shelves for the Community Partners they support. But what she loves most is meeting people and hearing their stories.  


I look forward to my volunteer days and love seeing people of all ages and genders helping. For me, volunteering isn’t just a task; it’s a source of joy and fulfillment.”




Christine joined Foodbank NSW & ACT a few months ago and is already a key member of our volunteer team. Volunteering at Foodbank is not just a way to give back but also a source of pride for her. A memorable experience for Christine was volunteering at the Foodbank-supported Koori Knockout event. She embraced the opportunity, enjoying every moment of meeting new people and supporting the community.

Reflecting on her journey, Christine is struck by Foodbank’s impact in reducing food waste, something she witnessed firsthand in Fiji.  


I love that we make a difference in society – knowing we’re helping people in need who don’t have the resources.

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If you or someone you know needs support, please visit our Find Food portal so we can connect you to a Foodbank community partner in your area.



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