Big Bus, big deal.

two whopping 18 metre articulated buses

Foodbank Victoria is thrilled to be introducing two whopping 18 metre ‘articulated buses’ (bendy buses) to it’s collection of vehicles.  With the assistance and support of SkyBus and Kinetic, we have turned these buses normally used for airport transfers, into the coolest mobile supermarkets on the planet. (We think we may have a world first!).

With entry at the back and exit at the front, the 18-metre bendy ­buses offer a miniature supermarket experience with shelving and refrigeration stocked with a range of fresh produce, pantry and staple items.  Each bus will support approximately 100 families at every location with around 15 kilograms of food per family.

a woman wearing facemask in fruit section

Foodbank Victoria CEO Dave McNamara says the mobile supermarket program will allow many struggling Victorians to access healthy and nutritious food.

“This is a concept that allows us to visit people who often don’t have the capacity to travel or who aren’t receiving food relief in the traditional ways. It also allows us to provide a truly bespoke food relief service to the emerging culturally and linguistically diverse communities around metro Melbourne”.

Keep an eye out and give us a wave if you see the big purple buses (sounds like a Wiggles reference. Funnily enough, the first bus is named Dorothy!) heading in your direction.

To see Dorothy in action, click on the arrow