New partnership to fly food to
remote communities


Foodbank WA and Fly2Health have partnered to help get food to those struggling to get enough food in remote communities.  

Fly2Health provides access to allied healthcare services for remote communities across Australia. For these flights into remote Western Australian communities, they often have some free space on the plane and will now transport hampers to those communities.  

The deliveries will include emergency food hampers with approximately 10kg of food that can feed a family of 4 for a week as well as hygiene packs.  

New Partnership_Fly2Health

New Partnership_Fly2Health



Kate O’Hara, CEO Foodbank WA said It’s especially tough in regional and remote Western Australia where high costs, limited access to groceries and tight job markets creates a perfect storm of hunger. Access to fresh, healthy and affordable food shouldn’t be a privilege reserved for those in city. Yet in regional WA, living costs are higher, because vast distances and limited choices make food just that – a luxury.” 

Choosing between rent and groceries is an ultimatum that shouldn’t be happening in a country with enough food to feed its entire populations three times over”.  

Unfortunately, food is seen as a discretionary spend against fixed costs of housing, utilities and other bills. This is driving more Western Australians to seek help from Foodbank.  

This partnership helps Foodbank to get food to communities that are logistically challenging and costly to reach.  

Help us continue feeding change