Our Foodbank WA heroes 

Filling Hearts and Stomachs

We’re beaming with pride to celebrate Mandy and Tanja, two incredible members of our team who were recently recognised by the Joondalup Police for their dedication to supporting at-risk youth and disadvantaged families. 

The story behind their recognition goes beyond a simple “thank you.” It highlights a powerful collaboration between Foodbank WA and the Joondalup Police, tackling a complex issue – families struggling with food insecurity, forced to resort to stealing to feed their children. 

Senior Constable Julie Coles of the Joondalup Police saw firsthand the impact of hunger on families and youth. Instead of solely relying on enforcement, she took a compassionate approach. Here’s where we stepped in: 

Emergency food hampers: Recognising the growing rates of theft in response to hunger. Senior Constable Coles partnered with us to deliver food hampers directly to families in need. These hampers, filled with nutritious food and groceries, provided immediate relief and helped families avoid the heartbreaking choice of stealing to survive. 

Foodbank referrals and cards: We didn’t just offer one-off support. Struggling families were provided with referrals to Foodbank WA. This ongoing support empowered families to access food relief directly, ensuring a more sustainable solution than emergency hampers. 

School holiday snack distribution: Recognising the increased hunger risk during school holidays, we supplied snacks for the police to distribute to young people. This not only provided nourishment but also offered an opportunity for positive interaction between the police and youth. 

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The results of this collaboration were remarkable. Store managers reported a significant decline in theft and anti-social behaviour, highlighting the domino effect of addressing food insecurity. When basic needs are met, families experience less stress and desperation, leading to safer and more positive communities. 

Together with the Joondalup Police, we’re that compassion, coupled with practical solutions, can create lasting change. 

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