Perth WA

Nick was introduced to Foodbank WA by his very good friend Ivan in January 2021 and has volunteered with us two days a week since then which he really enjoys.

Being able to help others is why I do what I do


Immediately meeting some wonderful people with a similar outlook of wanting to help those that are more unfortunate really drew Nick in and has given him a sense of being worthwhile.

“When I see all the food hampers being made for distribution to various areas that are in need, and knowing I helped to prepare them, really gives me a buzz.”

A typical day varies, anything from stacking shelves for the shop floor and interacting with the shoppers, to sorting stock in the cool room is all in a satisfying days’ work.

Outside of volunteering Nick enjoys Gardening, Fishing and Football Training with Year 9’s. There’s nothing he can’t do!




You too can volunteer just like these amazing people. Join us and start making a difference.