Rodger Corser fighting hunger at Addison Road

Late last year, Foodbank’s national ambassador, Rodger Corser spent the day volunteering at Addison Road Community Centre to help distribute food to the Inner West community. Rodger was genuinely humbled to be fighting hunger with Foodbank and providing much needed food to Australian’s experiencing hardship, especially.

Addison Road Community Centre is a truly amazing pantry. The volunteers are dedicated to making a positive impact on those living within their community by providing affordable staple items and fresh produce. This allows local community members to pay bills on time and still access quality, nutritious food.

Addison Road is also invested in reducing food waste in the Inner West. Foodbank has partnered the pantry with local businesses like Bob & Pete’s, so quality food doesn’t go to waste. Bob & Pete’s regularly donates to Addison Road when there are surplus baked goods, to provide locals with the basic staples such as bread while reducing food waste at the same time.