From seedlings to smiles 

Growing our community 

The Perth Airport Community Garden isn’t just a splash of green amidst the tarmac, it’s a thriving example of community impact and sustainability. What began as a project alongside our move to Perth Airport in 2015 has blossomed into a thriving spaces that nourishes both people and the planet. 

From humble beginnings to a thriving oasis  

Our community garden’s journey began in 2015 when we relocated to our purpose-built warehouse near Perth Airport. We saw an opportunity to cultivate a thriving greenspace to support our nutrition education programs. With the help of ADCO Constructions, a new garden was designed and built.  

Local businesses generously donated most of the plants, creating a vibrant hub for staff, volunteers and the wider community. 

Growing food, growing connections 

Today, the garden boasts ten raised garden beds filled with a variety of seasonal produce. From juicy organs and plump tomatoes to nutrient-rich broccoli and fragrant herbs, the garden provides fresh, organic produce for our initiatives: 


By incorporating homegrown produce, we not only minimise food waste but foster a sense of connection within the airport community. The clever raised bed design ensures accessibility for everyone, including seniors and people with disabilities. Plus, the efficient drip irrigation system minimises water waste. 

IMG 8953

A vibrant space for the future 

The recent revamp by Multiplex, Deep Green, Tony & Sons Nursery and Seedlings and Co. has taken the garden to a whole new level. Not only have they replenished the beds with seasonal veggies and citrus trees, they’ve also created an inviting space with new café-style seating. 

We’re excited to see this flourishing green haven continue to provide fresh, nutritious food for all our programs. Together with Multiplex, Deep Green, Tony & Sons Nursery and Seedlings and Co. we’re growing hope, one seedling at a time. 

Help us to continue growing hope