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Help Queensland families in need like Mike and Jenny’s.

“Finding it hard on a daily basis to put food on the table, to make sure the kids had enough food to survive…”

– Mike, struggling father of three.

Mike and his family know that without food you can only focus on survival.

Accidents can see your life change in a heartbeat, seeing your income disappear in an instant. Without a steady income, how could you afford food?  

Having moved from New Zealand, Mike was amazed at the salary and work available in Australia. This high quickly fell to a low after being dropped from 40 hours to 25 hours of work per week.  

Life threw more curveballs after Mike had a serious accident. Mike was unable to work for four months, which saw him fall behind on his rental payments. As a result, Mike, his wife Jenny, and their three children, aged 7, 11, and 13, were evicted from their long-term rental property. Their lives were turned upside down in an instant.  

“Looking back at the house, looking at what we were and what we are now. It was a big gap. It was disappointing that I had let my family and my partner down and myself down.”  - Mike 

With nowhere to go, and with three children lost and confused, living became solely focused on survival. Where would they sleep? What would they eat? They had lost hope. The children showed incredible resilience but not knowing where their next meal would come from was hard.  

“When I don’t have enough food, it affects my schoolwork cause I’m always tired and I want to sleep.” – Mike’s daughter  

Mike faced impossible choices, like choosing between paying for school supplies or buying food for his family. But without food, Mike knew he and his family could not survive. Their struggle wasn’t just about hunger; it was about coping with uncertainty and trying to provide during tough times.   

We were finding it hard on a daily basis to put food on the table, to make sure the kids had enough food to survive…I lost a lot of weight with stress, I mean I couldn’t eat and I couldn’t sleep. You’ve got things such as excursions, books, and school fees, you’re weighing up like do I get this, or do I get food? And you’ve got to think about it, that without food, you’re not going to survive.”  – Mike 

Please help families in desperate need throughout Queensland. 

*Mike and Jenny are real Queenslanders. Names and images have been changed for privacy.

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Your generosity can help Queenslanders who are doing everything they can, every single day just to keep their heads above water.

You can help Queenslanders like Mike and Jenny not just survive, but really thrive.

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We believe all Queenslanders deserve access to good quality food. However, every single day, Queenslanders are going hungry. With your help, Foodbank can continue to get food where it’s needed most, distributing to local charities and schools right across Queensland. Our food supplies are provided to thousands of adults and children experiencing hunger every single week. With your support, we can continue this important work and give hope to families in need. 

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