Help Sheryl feed her family.

“When I talk to the kids about food and tell them it’s got to last, I think they just see it as ‘Oh, Mum’s having another whinge.’  I don’t think they understand how deep my concerns go.” – Sheryl

Give Queensland mums one less thing to worry about.

Sheryl’s story


Skyrocketing grocery bills are pushing hard-working Aussie mum Sheryl to breaking point. She is regularly skipping meals to make sure there’s enough food for her kids, and food prices are set to rise even higher this year.

Latest figures show that households with children are being hit hard by the hunger problem sweeping our state. And it’s single-parent families who are feeling the pressure most of all. Sadly, as many as 37% of single parent families are going hungry, sometimes going whole days without eating.

Sheryl knows exactly how hard things have become. She does everything she can to provide for her three growing sons. But, as a single mum, it’s not easy. Especially not right now.

Spiralling fuel and grocery prices mean that, after she’s paid the bills and filled the car with petrol to get to work, there’s not enough left over for her whole family to eat properly.

Up until now, she’s managed to put food on the table. But, like so many other hard-working parents, she’s been secretly skipping meals to make sure there’s enough for her kids.

“Some weeks, I might only have one or two evening meals. That way, I have more meat and vegetables and things like that for the boys. You 100% go without so that you know you’ve got things for your children.” – Sheryl

It’s what any mum would do to make sure her kids have what they need to grow up healthy and strong. But, with the cost-of-living crisis set to get even worse this year – and groceries getting even more expensive – Sheryl’s now incredibly worried about the future.

Will you give a gift to ensure Sheryl can put food on the table – no matter what the future brings?

Your generosity can make sure mums are not going hungry to feed their kids, and help keep children fed and healthy.

 Sheryl is a real mum in need. You can help. 

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Your generosity can help a family that is trying to do everything they can every single day just to keep their head above water.

You can help families like Sheryl’s not just survive, but really thrive.

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We believe all Queenslanders deserve access to good quality food. However, every single day, Queenslanders are going hungry. With your help, Foodbank can continue to get food where it’s needed most, distributing to local charities and schools right across Queensland. Our food supplies are provided to thousands of adults and children experiencing hunger every single week. With your support, we can continue this important work and give hope to families in need. 

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