Help Stacey feed her son

Going hungry feels hopeless. It’s terrifying sometimes. It was just such a relief to know I could receive a Foodbank hamper each month. It makes such a difference.” – Stacey, Single Mum

Queenslanders like Stacey need your help


Stacey didn’t think she’d ever have to ask for help – let alone food. Stacey’s proud and hardworking. She pays her own way and is doing her best to give her son a happy, healthy childhood. And she’s doing it alone – without any financial support.

Her relationship with Blake’s father ended badly when Blake was three years old, so Stacey and Blake moved to a small rural town. Stacey was thrilled to find an admin job; and although it didn’t pay much, it was a fresh start.

You wouldn’t find chocolates and magazines at Stacey’s … but you would find a mum sacrificing her own meals to ensure that her son can eat. It’s not a sacrifice any parent should have to make.

Although no one would think any less of her as a mother, Stacey is embarrassed about it. She confided: “I feel like I’ve failed because these are basic needs that I should be able to cover. It’s not something I tell people.”

Stacey was with Blake at a family fun day, where she learned that she could access regular Foodbank hampers – a gift that she’s grateful for to this day.

“Foodbank hampers have a trickle-down effect. Blake is more focused at school, and everything at my job works out a little better, because I’m not stressed all the time.” – Stacey

Many single parents like Stacey know what it’s like to go hungry to keep their children fed. Your generosity will give food and hope to hungry families throughout Queensland.

For every $1 you donate, Foodbank Queensland can get enough food for 2 meals to a Queenslander going hungry.

Stacey is a real Queenslander in need. You can help.

Thank you for your support

Your donation will put food into the hands of struggling Queenslanders and provide much-needed relief.Thank you for giving hope to Queensland families in need.

The Impact of Your Donations


We believe all Queenslanders deserve access to good quality food. However, every single day, Queenslanders are going hungry. With your help, Foodbank can continue to get food where it’s needed most, distributing to local charities and schools right across Queensland. Our food supplies are provided to thousands of adults and children experiencing hunger every single week. With your support, we can continue this important work and give hope to families in need. 

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