Become a Food and Grocery partner

Our mission is to deliver the most food to the most Australians in need in the most efficient and effective way, and our partners are essential to enabling Foodbank to continue to deliver on this. We simply do what we do without the generosity of our wonderful partners.

We’re fortunate enough to be able to stretch every dollar donated to Foodbank into even more food; on average we are able to turn every $1 donated into the equivalent of $5.16 worth of food for our end recipients.

Delivery of apples

We can do this by accepting a wide range of products:

  • Everything in a supermarket with the exception of alcohol and tobacco
  • Product in any format, from retail packaging to loose in bins or bulk bags
  • Product within Best Before or Use By Date
  • Product that has been deleted or marketing concepts that didn’t quite hit the mark
  • Product that may be over or under weight, incorrect labeling, incorrect or faulty packaging,
  • Surplus product to your requirements or without a market
  • Private label product

If it’s still fit for purpose, then chances are – we would love to accept it.

Another way to get involved is via our world leading Collaborative Supply Program. We work with ingredient providers, packaging suppliers and transport operators to produce a regular supply of rice, pasta, pasta sauce, fresh milk, cereal and sausages for Foodbank charities throughout the year.  

Is your organisation able to help us end hunger in Australia? We would love to hear from you.

Hand holding fresh tomatoes

Want to become a partner?