Thank a Farmer

Did you know?

These are just some of the costs our farmers incur when growing crops:

  • Corn seed are 10c to 20c each, and each plant only yields on average 1.5 cobs
  • Capsicum seeds are 13c to 20c each and yield 5 capsicums
  • Cherry tomatoes seeds are 45c each and yield approx. 2.5kgs of marketable product.
  • A box the size of a cereal packet of seeds can cost up to $2,000

Add, pest control at $4,000 to $5,000 per four litre bottle for just 40 hectares of land for every week of the season!

These costs all come before planting, caring, harvesting and packaging expenses.

This is the very reason it is so important for Foodbank to gain ongoing financial support to cover the cost of collecting the produce directly from farmgate and delivering it back to the warehouse in Morningside.