An Update from Shiralee

Shiralee and her husband John are fifth generation farmers, struggling through the worst drought we’ve seen in decades.

Shiralee was hesitant when she first went to her local Foodbank Pantry. She wasn’t used to having to ask for help. But she now thanks Foodbank supporters just like you for ensuring she could access these pantry staples, which made life that little bit easier during such a difficult time.

Although Shiralee’s town has been blessed with some rain unfortunately, this doesn’t replace the opportunities lost from failed crops and being forced to sell livestock.

Many farmers won’t have an income for 12-18 months’ post drought. Sadly, the damage has been done so our farming families will continue to need assistance for the foreseeable future.

Our farmers are in for a tough few years rebuilding their crops and stock, but with Foodbank supporters on our side we can ensure no farmer is left behind.

Thanks to our supporters, we are on track to send almost 4 million kilos of food to areas affected by drought this year. Just like our Aussie farmers – together we hope that the drought will finally break.

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