This year, families all over NSW and the ACT have happy memories of Christmas Day, thanks to you. Families like Mandy’s, who didn’t have enough money to have Christmas, but were able to create a special family meal with a Foodbank Hamper.

When we shared Mandy’s story in our Christmas Appeal, we were overjoyed with the huge out pour of support from caring people like you.

Mandy and her girls begin most days on an empty stomach. Every day, Mandy must stretch what little they have to make sure her teenage girls eat at least once.

As you know, they are not alone. Food insecurity is on the rise. Mandy’s family is struggling, and with the rising cost of living, this is happening all over NSW and the ACT. Many families do not have enough food to go around.

Mandy does the best that she can to turn pantry staples into tasty meals, using her previous experience as a chef. Yet, even with all of her cooking skills, Mandy knows, unless her family can eat more fresh food, they will always suffer from a lack of nutrition.

“It affects your sleep, it affects your life, it affects your health. It’s horrible, it makes me feel sick to the stomach and makes you feel like a failure because you can’t provide the basics that your children need,” she said.

Mandy told us that basically she didn’t have enough money to have Christmas. But all that changed, when Foodbank delivered a wonderful hamper full of goodies to Mandy’s door.

“There was so much food in the hamper – I couldn’t believe it! We had ham and lovely salads. Best of all, we had enough food to invite other family over for lunch. We really enjoyed our meal together.

“We wouldn’t have had a Christmas lunch without Foodbank – I couldn’t be more direct about that. Thank you for supporting Foodbank NSW & ACT, and helping lots of others just like me and my girls.”

With your kindness, fewer people were left to wonder “will I eat?” this Christmas. We appreciate your support so much.