MAGGI® and Foodbank partner to fight hunger and food waste through a custom recipe base product

MAGGI has proudly partnered with Foodbank to create the first ever designed-for-Foodbank product as part of a brand new Collaborative Supply Program across Australia and New Zealand.

The MAGGI Hearty One Pot Casserole is a versatile product that will help people who’ve received food relief to create a delicious meal from the food they receive, and minimise food waste.

Making food relief stretch further

MAGGI Hearty One Pot Casserole is a recipe base that turns almost any combination of protein and vegetables into a delicious meal for up to six people.

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1.2 million meals for people doing it tough

This humble recipe base is set to contribute to more than 1.2 million meals for people struggling to put food on the table.

A dozen partners doing their bit to fight hunger

This Collaborative Supply Program is bringing together 12 suppliers who are collectively donating their resources and time to produce this bespoke food product for Foodbank and the charities we support.

To say that 2020 was a challenging year is an understatement. The year started with devastating, widespread bushfires and ended with the global pandemic, at its height, crippling every country in the world.

The combination of these factors sadly accelerated the issue of food insecurity for many, many Australians. In 2020, almost a third of Australians who experienced food insecurity in 2020 had never before struggled to put food on the table.

Foodbank saw a 47% increase in demand for food relief from pre-COVID-19.

Nestlé General Manager of Foods, Kristina Czepl, said, “We are proud to introduce the MAGGI Hearty One Pot Casserole Recipe Base. This iniatitive will help us get one step closer to overcoming food insecurity for fellow Aussies and Kiwis in 2021.”

Foodbank Australia CEO, Brianna Casey, added, “Foodbank receives a wide range of donated food every day. MAGGI Hearty One Pot Casserole recipe base will be the ultimate value-add, enabling people to easily prepare wholesome, tasty meals.

“We are so grateful to Nestlé and other partners who have led the creation of this product, and so generously donated their goods and services.”