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Featuring our Community Partner: Survivors R Us

At Foodbank NSW & ACT, we work with over 700 organisations located across the state and territory that we call our ‘Community Partners’. They vary from small, grassroots community groups to larger charitable organisations. Our Community Partners order and receive food directly from our warehouse in Western Sydney to distribute to local families in need.

This month, we’re featuring Survivors R Us (SRU), a Foodbank community partner based in Cardiff, on the NSW Central Coast.

Survivors R Us (SRU), founded in March of 2017, is a not-for-profit charity and benevolent institution that supports survivors of domestic violence, homelessness and unemployment.

Maria Martin, the founder of SRU, embarked on a mission born from her own experiences. Fifteen years ago, she found herself battling domestic violence while doing her best to provide for her daughter. The journey was filled with challenges, from securing affordable and nutritious meals, to finding shelter. Despite the hardships, Maria stayed resilient and determined.

Featuring the team at SRU

Driven by her mantra “give me a challenge and I’ll keep going”, Maria channelled her hardships into helping others in her community. She recognised the growing, critical need not just for food relief and shelter, but also for clothing and counselling. This realisation led to Maria establishing Survivors R Us, a safe and supportive haven for community members navigating domestic violence, homelessness and unemployment.


For the last seven years, Survivors R Us has collaborated with Foodbank NSW & ACT to provide essential items for the NSW central coast community.

Maria Martin at Foodbank NSW & ACT

The heart of Survivors R Us beats with over one hundred volunteers, dedicating countless hours to help alleviate the suffering of others. Maria and her team’s compassion extends to all those in need, regardless of their background supporting women, men and children alike.


The true reward lies in the smiles I witness and the hope we ignite every day. Survivors R Us isn’t just about survival; it’s about reclaiming lives and empowering individuals to find their light at the end of the tunnel.”


– Maria Martin


At Foodbank NSW & ACT, we rely on incredible organisations like Survivors R Us to get food relief to families in need. If you’re in the NSW Central Coast area needing food support, SRU are available Monday to Friday on (02) 4953 7108 or you can visit their website:

To connect to other Foodbank community partners in your area, please visit our Find Food portal.

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