Carevan Blacktown team

Featuring our Community Partner, Carevan Blacktown

At Foodbank NSW & ACT, we work with over 700 organisations located across the state and territory that we call our ‘Community Partners’. They vary from small, grassroots community groups to larger charitable organisations. Our Community Partners order and receive food directly from our warehouse in Western Sydney to distribute to local families in need.

This month, we’re featuring Carevan Blacktown, a Foodbank community partner based in Western Sydney, NSW.

Carevan Blacktown, founded by teachers at Norwest Christian and Tyndale Public School, emerged in response to the community’s need to address food waste and support people facing financial hardship.

Collaborating with teachers and tech groups, the charity began by repurposing excess food that would otherwise go to waste. Under the leadership of Andrew Scott, now the Chief Executive Officer, Carevan Blacktown has expanded its operations to include a dedicated kitchen team of volunteers and receives generous donations of food from individuals and organisations alike.

featuring the Carevan Blacktown team

Carevan Blacktown team

This growth transformed the charity from a small initiative into a vital community resource. Caroline Del Aguila, a registered nurse at Red Cross LifeBlood, met Andrew and learned of Carevan Blacktown in 2013. Inspired by the cause and Andrew’s dedication, Caroline joined the team, fuelling their mission to combat food waste and provide essential meals to those in need.

Carevan Blacktown has a firsthand view of the sharp rise in demand for food relief felt across Australia. They began by serving a handful of people and now serve 130-150 community members per night, with Andrew even personally delivering meals to those unable to travel.


People come to us to save money on meals and we’re finding the demographic changing as the cost living continues to rise.


And then there is the shame aspect of reaching out for help – our communities feel like they ‘should be able to help themselves’ but the reality is, average families aren’t able to make ends meet like they used to.”


– Caroline Del Aguila


Despite the charity facing financial constraints and volunteer shortages, Caroline and Andrew remain committed to expanding Carevan Blacktown’s reach.

Through partnerships with organisations like Foodbank NSW & ACT, Carevan Blacktown continues to provide nutritious meals and essential services to families in need.


We provide a range of services these days, but food supplies are at the core of our service and Foodbank are critical and incredibly valuable to what we do. The fresh produce they provide makes such a difference too”.


– Caroline Del Aguila

Carevan Blacktown team

Carevan Blacktown continues to evolve to meet community’s needs, moving their operations to a warehouse to better facilitate food relief and collaborating with Westmead Hospital for health screening.


It can be hard work but is very rewarding. We are an amazing team, blessed with a terrific lead in Andrew and an awesome dedicated ‘family’ of volunteers who care about the community we serve.”


– Caroline Del Aguila


Carevan Blacktown team

At Foodbank NSW & ACT, we rely on incredible organisations like Carevan Blacktown to get food relief to families in need. If you’re in the Western Sydney area needing food support, you can visit Carevan Blacktown at 1 Freeman Street, Lalor Park NSW 2147 on Tuesday nights from 7.15 pm – 8.30 pm. To learn more, visit their website or contact


To connect to other Foodbank community partners in your area, please visit our Find Food portal.

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