Feeding Hope Spring 2023

Thank you for feeding families across NSW & ACT


In these pages you’ll see just what a massive impact you are having on the lives of your neighbours. At a time when the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, rental crisis and housing crisis have caused a widespread hunger crisis, your wonderfully generous support is helping struggling families get through some of the toughest times they’ve ever known.

Right now, it’s harder than ever for people to make ends meet. We’re seeing more and more families turning to Foodbank NSW & ACT for help. Your kindness is making sure we can give it to them.

Schools Article

The shocking truth is that around three kids in every classroom across Australia are going to school hungry. But you’re helping to change that by providing essential support for Foodbank’s essential School Breakfast 4 Health Program.

With your help, Foodbank provides hungry children from struggling families in NSW and the ACT with the nutritious breakfast they need to start their day right and get the most out of their school day. It’s making a big difference to so many young lives.

Whilst the program is currently active in 300 schools, our goal is to expand it to reach 1,000 schools in the next 12 months.

I hope I can count on your ongoing support and kindness to made this goal a reality.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Foodbank NSW & ACT. Together, we can make sure none of our neighbours go hungry.

John Robertson, CEO, Foodbank NSW & ACT

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