Feeding Hope Spring 2023

Pop Up Article

You’re helping Foodbank pop up where it’s most needed

Pop Up Article

As the cost of living continues to skyrocket, demand for emergency food relief has soared by over a third since last year, particularly in the ACT.

You are helping to meet this increased demand by helping Foodbank set up pop-up markets. These provide bags of fresh fruit and vegetables free of charge to struggling families who need urgent help.

The pop-up market is one of many vital initiatives making it easier to access to food relief in the ACT. The last was on June 10 and, though it was heartbreaking to see so many of our community coming for help, it was incredible to know that we could provide fresh fruit and vegetables to those who needed it most. Thank you for your important support for this life-changing program.

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You’re helping kids start the day with full bellies