Your community: the volunteers at the heart of fighting hunger


As you can imagine, sourcing and distributing food across NSW and the ACT to all who need it is no small feat. With your help, Foodbank’s team works together with the local community and volunteers – like Lyn and Christine – to pick, pack and get the food to where it’s needed most.

Four years. That’s how long I’ve been volunteering with Foodbank. It’s enjoyable, it’s a way to give back, and I like the atmosphere. You get to learn a lot about yourself and life, and I love meeting all the different people and hearing their stories. I look forward to my volunteer days because, for me, volunteering for Foodbank isn’t just a task, it’s a source of joy and fulfilment.


–  Lyn

Foodbank NSW & ACT volunteer - Lyn


I’ve been a volunteer at Foodbank for over a year now, picking and packing orders. I moved here from Fiji, and I have really enjoyed volunteering here, making a difference, and knowing I’m helping someone in need who doesn’t have the resources. For me, the best part is just the sense of doing something good, which then makes you feel good.


– Christine

Foodbank NSW & ACT volunteer - Christine



If you’d like to give your time to help feed hungry families, you can find out more about becoming a volunteer by contacting Luke Chesworth, Volunteer Engagement Manager on 02 9756 3099 or emailing

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