The art of saving
perfectly good food

Every year, millions of tonnes of food are wasted.

But thanks to our great partnerships with amazing donors such as growers, supermarkets and the wonderful people at Perth Markets we are rescuing food that might otherwise be wasted and destined for landfill. Those “funny-looking” tomatoes or “too-small” avocados – food that’s perfectly good but not quite supermarket shelf-worthy.

This is how we help get meals to those who need it most.

Our story starts with strong relationships. Supermarkets with a surplus, farms with “ugly” but incredibly nutritious produce, even kind-hearted neighbours with a bumper crop – all donate their perfectly good but maybe not-so-perfect-looking food to Foodbank.

Tanya with Donated Capsicums Fridge Chiller Warehouse

From growers to Foodbank


Every morning, we are on the frontlines at Perth Markets rescuing fresh fruit and vegetables.

With over 50 wholesalers, five regular donors and a handful of donors who give when they can, the Perth Markets play a key role in helping us connect with growers and rescuing their produce. Every day, we average six pallets – bananas, cauliflower, broccoli, apples – you name it. Mondays are extra special, as we scoop up what hasn’t found a home after the weekend markets.

But it doesn’t stop there. 169 kilometres south of Perth, our dedicated volunteers in Bunbury make weekly trips to pick up excess produce directly from growers in the South West, ensuring nothing goes to waste.

Once at Foodbank food and groceries are sorted with care, ensuring everything is fresh and ready for its next chapter.

Some items are displayed on our shop floors, perfect for families on a tight budget. Others are packed into Mobile Foodbank hampers, delivered straight to communities in need. And anything left over? Sent straight to our Community Kitchen to be made into a delicious and nutritious meal.

We’re smart about sustainability too. A clever cycling system gets our collection tubs back to suppliers and growers quickly, and a waste station partnership helps us responsibly discard any unsuitable items.


Giving produce a third fourth life


Our Community Kitchen isn’t just about delicious ready-made meals, it’s about fighting waste. Chef Grant and his crew of volunteers transform soon-to-expire ingredients into nutritious and delicious meals. These meals are distributed through our branches, Mobile Foodbank and charity partners, reaching those who need them most.

Our network is about much more than just feeding people. We’re passionate about protecting our environment too. Thanks to our Community Kitchen, we’ve slashed our food waste from 11% to just 4%.

So, what happens to that 4%? Well, even that gets a new lease on life. Unusable food scraps are donated to Richgro where they become valuable fertiliser, nourishing the soil and completing the circle of life.

By minimising waste, we’re helping to create a more sustainable future for all.


Join us in feeding change


Want to be part of the story? Visit our website to learn how you can volunteer, donate or even share some perfectly good “wonky” produce. Because at Foodbank, we believe that good food belongs on plates, not in landfills.

Help us continue feeding change