Cause-related marketing

Did you know 57% of consumers’ purchasing decisions are belief-based? Shoppers are simply buying or boycotting brands based on its social or political values. Partnering your brand with Foodbank offers many benefits. It can set you apart from similar brands in a crowded market, it can fuel sales, it shows commitment to social responsibility and, importantly, it makes an impact – helping Foodbank to deliver more food to more Australians in need.

With food waste increasingly in the spotlight and the issue of food insecurity gaining national momentum, there has never been a better time to partner with Foodbank and show commitment to ending hunger in Australia.

Cause-related marketing is an easy, engaging and powerful way to support Foodbank by engaging existing and potential consumers with your brand. To find out more take a look at some of our past cause-related marketing campaigns.

Get in touch with our Partnerships team today to discuss how a cause-related marketing initiative with Foodbank can work with your organisation or find out more about partnering with Foodbank