From Pantry Partner
to community plate

For 30 years, Foodbank WA has been feeding change across the state. But our approach to food relief has continuously evolved, just like the needs of the communities we serve. Today, we want to take you on a journey through the fascinating transformation of our “shop” concept – a space that has become much more than just a place to get groceries. 


Stocking the shelves of charities 

Our story started in 1994 with a simple vision: to be the pantry for the charity sector. Our first warehouse in Belmont acted as a central hub, connecting surplus food with local charities who provided vital support to those struggling in their communities. We were the quiet force behind the scenes, ensuring they had the resources needed to fill plates across WA.

Growing Alongside the Need 

As the need for food relief grew beyond Perth’s metro area, so did we. We expanded regionally, establishing branches in Albany, Peel, Kalgoorlie, Geraldton, and Bunbury. Witnessing the rising tide of hunger across the state fuelled our determination to reach every corner of Western Australia. 

A shop for more than charities 

By 2018, the landscape has shifted. The demand for food relief has skyrocketed, placing immense pressure on our charity partners. Recognising this, we made a groundbreaking decision: to open our doors directly to individuals and families. 

Late in 2018, our “shop” concept was born. Through a referral system with our trusted charity partners, individuals in need could now access a welcoming space filled with essential groceries. This not only alleviated the burden on charities but also empowered people to choose the food that best suited their families. 

DSC8283 (1)

Bringing our shop to you 

Access to food is just as important as availability. In 2019, we launched the iconic “purple hero” – the Mobile Foodbank. This innovative solution brought the shop directly to communities where transportation was a challenge. Today, the Mobile Foodbank visits over 60 locations across Western Australia, a testament to our dedication to meeting people where they are. 

Our shop has come a long way, from empowering charities to directly supporting individuals and families. Through constant innovation and a commitment to accessibility, we’re ensuring a brighter future for food security across Western Australia. We’re incredibly grateful to our network of volunteers, donors, and partners who’ve helped us create a welcoming “shop” experience for all.  

Help us continue feeding change