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Here at Foodbank, we are the definitive source of information on food insecurity and food relief services in Australia. We conduct several surveys annually, including surveys of individuals experiencing food insecurity, charities providing food relief, and organisations donating food and groceries. We also maintain comprehensive statistics on our operations, including detailed data on the food and groceries we collect and distribute. We publish several reports throughout the year, all of which can be accessed here.

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Foodbank Hunger Report 2023

In the past year, 3.7 million Australian households (36%) experienced moderate to severe food insecurity

This means, at the very least, they are reducing the quality, variety or desirability of their food and at worst, their eating patterns are disrupted.

This is what food insecurity and stress looks like for people navigating the cost of living crisis.

Get the full insight into food stress in Australia in the Foodbank Hunger Report 2023.

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Western Australia Annual Report 2023

We distributed over 9.2 million meals this year, eclipsing last year by 1.4 million meals.

It remains our privilege to be there for those doing it tough, to listen to their stories, share their struggles and provide to ensure no family, household, person or child goes without.

Read about what we’ve achieved in 2023 for those in need all throughout Western Australia.

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The Giving Pantry History Book

To the many good-hearted individuals, businesses, corporations, elected representatives and public servants who have assisted Foodbank WA in the delivery of hunger relief and nutrition education across the first 25 years of its history.

Written By Ken Spillman

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